The Bedford Incident

51CMMY1WHMLReporter Ben Munceford and Lieut. Cmdr. Chester Potter, the doctor, are flown out to sea at the same time to board the destroyer,  Bedford. Upon arrival there is immediate tension with Ben being denied access for reporting and even greater tension between Captain Finlander and the doctor. The doctor has been flown out to join the crew as part of the Navy’s request, not the captain’s. It is obvious that Captain Finlander is a very hard nosed captain and has the respect of every one of his men, running a very tight ship, it is his way or the highway. The Bedford’s purpose is to patrol looking out for Russian submarines, and after spotting one, the tension builds even more as Captain Finlander seems hell bent on driving the Russian sub to the surface, even though the sub has made it to international waters. You’ll have to watch to see how this builds and what happens.

Reporter Ben Munceford is played by Sidney Poitier (Best Actor for Lilies of the Field). It is refreshing to see a film so old, 1965, and not to have any mention of race. Poitier makes a great reporter, very inquisitive and in the end challenging Captain Finlander on what is right, wrong and motives of the captain. The doctor is played by Martin Balsam (Best Supporting Actor for A Thousand Clowns, 12 Angry Men). Balsam has some very nice scenes with the Captain, especially when the Captain gives his opinion on why the doctor is really there, having joined back into the service after resigning previously. Of course not to forget the great Richard Widmark who plays the captain. Widmark is absolutely perfect for this type of role, having played similar roles in Midway, Coma, and The Swarm

This movie was a real sleeper for me, having enjoyed it much more than expected. Of course I like war films and anything involving water, so I was probably destined to like it. If you liked Crimson Tide and The Caine Mutiny, you will really like this film. Worth watching for sure.

The Caine Mutiny


The Caine Mutiny

The Caine Mutiny, nominated for Best Picture in 1954, was a lot more intriguing to watch than I thought it would be. After dismissing the Captain of a minesweeper, Lt. Cmdr. Queeg takes over. Humphrey Bogart does a great job of playing the Captain that starts showing signs of paranoia. Of course his decision making comes into question by the crew and of course, no big secret, mutiny occurs. Although I kept seeing Mr. Douglas (My Three Sons), Fred MacMurray had a great character, who is so sure of himself on what is going on with the captain, then giving second thoughts. Possibly looking out to save his own skin.

I really enjoyed this film because it was challenging. Wondering who was right and who was wrong. Without giving too much away, it seems like justice has prevailed until the final scene, leaving the question who is right and who is wrong….very similar to the dilemma in Crimson Tide. Not sure where I stand on the finality of this movie, but it does make you think and make you ask questions, something I really love in a movie. Worth watching for sure.