Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye seems to take an idea from Enemy of the State or The Conversation, “Big Brother is watching.” The problem I think this movie faces is that is the one trick they do and they just beat it to death. “Duck now.” “Run down the stairs.” “Answer the phone.” Give me a break. And the idea that a computer system can tie into that many things…subway signs, pay phones…you name it. It really became a one trick pony and seemed to be their only device to move the plot along.

I wasn’t really bored to death with this movie. But there weren’t really any outstanding performances. Billy Bob Thornton is always interesting to watch and was maybe teh one highlight for me.  Watching it on bluray, the picture quality was nice very good blacks and bright colors. Glad the movie looked good, because it was a pretty average movie. Surprised to see Spielberg’s name attached to this. But then again the name Spielberg is also on Transformers

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  1. Thought that this film was a pretty fun ride even though it was pretty mindless. Check out my review here: http://dtmmr.wordpress.com/2010/05/18/eagle-eye-2008/

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