Boy have I been slacking off. Can’t seem to get a review written in a decent amount of time. Where does all the time go. By now I am sure everyone has seen Toy Story 3, maybe even twice. Yes, twice….it is that good of film.

Andy is going to college, and his last thing to do before leaving is cleaning his room. Deciding what is to be thrown out, what needs to go in the attic. Woody, Tom Hanks (Apollo 13, Forrest Gump) wants to make sure all the toys stay together and get put in the attic. In a mix up, Buzz, Tim Allen (Galaxy Quest)  and the gang, Jessie, Joan Allen (The Contender), Mr Potato Head, Don Rickles (Toy Story 1, Toy Story 2), Hamm, John Ratzenburger (Cheers) end up at the local daycare.

The daycare is run by an abused teddy bear Latso voiced by Ned Beatty (Superman the movie) and recommends Andy’s toys go to the younger kids that are to young for them. A play scene demonstrates that, a scene pt together with editing and cuts to rival, any decent war movie! Of course Woody can’t have this, and the rescue is on. I won’t give a lot away, but they encounter a Ken doll, Michael Keaton (Batman), that falls in love with who else…Barbi from Andy’s group of toys.

As far as what I thought of this movie, it is a must see. I really can’t think of a trilogy that has been as strong as these three Toy Story movies. Star Wars had a weaker Return of the Jedi, and even the Godfather, although the first two are two of the finest films ever made, it has the weak link of number three. With Toy Story, you love the first one and the sequels you love even more. And just as UP was able to reach an emotional cord with adults, Toy Story 3 with have adults tearing up thinking of their childhood, friendships and family. Toy Story 3 is the best summer movie so far, and one of the best of the year! See it….a couple of times!

Toy Story

ultimatetoyboxcoverNominated for 3 Oscars and winner of a special achievement Oscar Toy Story is a groundbreaking and lovable film for kids and adults. This is the story of  Woody, a cowboy doll, in Andy’s room. His existence is turned upside down when Andy’s mother decides to throw him a birthday party before moving away. At the party Andy receives a new toy, Buzz Lightyear, complete with battery operated laser! Buzz becomes Andy’s new favorite toy and Woody has to deal with the rejection and pull himself up again. By the end of the movie Buzz and Woody have developed a special bond and good friendship.

The talent for this film is perfectly cast and all do incredible Jobs. Tom Hanks (Apollo 13, Castaway) and Tim Allen (Galaxy Quest) are the main characters. The supporting cast is just as impressive, John Ratzenberger (Cheers) as Hamm the pig, Jim Varney  as Slinky and Annie Potts and Don Rickles as Bo Peep and Mr Potato Head.

There really isn’t much to elaborate on this film, it is pure genius and a delight to watch. This is the film that put Pixar Studios (Monsters Inc, Cars) on the map, being the first full length animated film. This film is more than beautiful animation, it has a story and characters that are timeless and will make everyone feel like a kid again. A must see for sure!

The Singing Hot Dog

Death Sentence

DeathSentenceUnrated20071695_fDeath Sentence. Is that what it feels like to watch this movie? This is a movie is a basic revenge movie where a son is killed and the father goes out to eliminate the gang members that killed him. In a nut shell…that is it. There were some decent action sequences, the chase and fight in the parking garage comes to mind, but after that, most of this film is forgettable and at times laughable.

I did not like the fact that the police were made out to be complete idiots. They are made out to have the savy of a 6th grade patrol officer in school…and that is probably insulting to the 6th grader. Not that I think police are infallible, but some of the things I read praise this movie for it’s rough realism, and to me to think police could act as a whole, with such stupidity takes it out of realism right away. Not intended to be funny, but I almost laughed out loud when Kevin Bacon’s (Apollo 13) character, Nick, escaped from the hospital. We are to think that he walked miles in the rain in a hospital gown with his ass flapping in the wind and no one stopped him? And that wasn’t the funny part, putting bandages on his head in slow motion with the over dramatic macho music, it was like Rambo tying his headband and strapping grenades to his belt. He just needed a camo hospital gown and a survival knife and I would have been ready to see Mr. Bacon take on a small country.

The film also stars Kelly Preston (Jerry MaGuire) and John Goodman (O Brother, Where Art Thou). John Goodman to me gives the best performance, and his role is pretty small.  This film did have a few high points, but overall it was pretty much a disappointment to me. My thoughts, you can skip this one and not miss out on much.