Cowboys & Aliens

Well, The Singing Hot Dogs hiatus has finally ended. After taking time to get our favorite puppy dog back to health, we can start going to some movies again. Although one of the best movie evenings was going down to the Galaxy Drive-In and seeing Paul and Sucker Punch. What made it great was that we got to take the dog….threw out a blanket and had a great time under the stars watching drive-in style.

But, now the triple digit temperatures have pretty much forced our movie watching back indoors. Today was the day for Cowboys & Aliens.  I sure wish the Singing Hot Dog were coming back under more favorable circumstances. My better half was entertained, but being produced by Steven Speilberg (Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park), Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind), I certainly expected much more. Heck, what was I thinking though, after all the title of the film is Cowboys and Aliens, what did I want, A story perhaps.

This story is all over the place. With characters such as cowboys, Apache indians, aliens, spaceships….the story is as convoluted as it’s characters. Daniel Craig (Casino Royal) stars as Jake Lonergan, a cowboy that wakes up with no memory and a strange bracelet. Harrison Ford (Raiders of the lost ark, Star Wars) also stars as Woodrow Dolarhyde, a rancher who is going after his abducted brat of a son. Neither performance was outstanding, both seemed to go through the necessary motions earning them the big summer block buster paycheck.

The aliens were nothing special, you have seen these aliens in a dozen other sci-fi movies. The action sequences were average as well. This wasn’t the worst movie I have seen by any means. It had a few good moments, but those moments were so few and far between that this movie fell pretty flat. I didn’t walk out of the theatre…mainly because it was air-conditioned! If you want to see this, I would wait for the dvd. You aren’t missing too much.

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