Public Enemies


To say that this movie did not live up to my expectations isn’t saying this is a bad movie at all. Michael Mann, having directed some of my all time favorites like Last Of The Mohicans and The Insider, and starring Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) and Christian Bale (Batman Begins), I was going into this film with expectations of Oscar. It didn’t quite make it to that level for  me.

I think Michael Mann could have done a better job telling a story and developing characters. The first hour of this film seems to move slow, even though there is a lot going on onscreen. I think it is a lack of development that makes it seem like its plodding along because there really isn’t any depth as to why things are happening. The last hour picked up, but there are constant references to Dillinger being a public hero, yet nothing really happened in the story to endear him to anyone, other than the fact of being played by Johnny Depp.

There were a couple of big highlights for me though. I thought Marion Cotilliard (Best Actress La Vie en Rose) did a wonderful job playing Dillinger’s girlfriend, BIllie Frechette. She may have done enough in her interogation scene and the closing scene to earn her a supporting actress nomination. The other highlight was the music. I would have loved to have had even more of it if they could have worked it in. If it is a weak year for best actors, Johnny Depp could slip in for a nomination ,but I think he has been better. Being a fan of Johnny Depp, I will cross my fingers for him.

So, not living up to expectations doesn’t mean I won’t buy it on DVD and watch it again when it comes out. If you are going thinking you might be seeing one of the first Oscar films, tap the brakes, I don’t think this one is in that league, but you will enjoy the film.

Terminator: Salvation (spoiler alert)


I can’t really say I expected much from this movie, and it didn’t really live up to my already low expectations. The story begins with a scenario from left field. A man on death row donated his body to science….science being Cyberdine systems. With no real explanation, he is turned into a Terminator. Keep in mind that when the T-600s came out, they were supposedly top of the line, yet this one was supposedly made before those? Doesn’t really say, I could be wrong there. The story was so weak that there wasn’t much going on unless someone was blowing the shit out of something. The supposed new terminator didn’t even look that great, in fact some scenes I would label as bad. Especially the scenes with the Terminators face with the machinery showing through. Very obvious it was simple green screen with digital pictures put in, and not even done that well.

The big plot line….humans get captured, rescue humans. Really nothing to it, There you go. Christian Bale….well, he seemed to still be talking like Batman in the Dark Knight. He brought nothing to the role. All of the performances were sub par, and that coupled with the over simplified plot, makes for a pretty bad movie. The only thing that kept me remotely interested was al of the throwbacks and homages to the original 2 Cameron films. From the Guns and Roses song, to the quote “I’ll be back” and even to the scar left on Bale’s face. All that did really was make me think how great the 2 Cameron movies are and made me want to go back and re-watch them again. I might need to go purchase the new T2 Skynet edition that just came out on blu ray. In fact that is my advice to you….go watch the first two Terminators, better use of your time.