Dying Breed

adhf3dbbYou can tell it is around Halloween by the amount of horror movies I am put through by my better half.  Unfortunately Dying breed does not offer anything you haven’t seen already, and is horror movie cliché number #14. Group of teens go into woods, find backwoods locals who seem to be inbred, stalked while out camping. Sound familiar? Reminded me of Wolf Creek which was mediocre at very best or The Hills Have Eyes. Not anything new to offer.

Dying Breed was directed by Jody Dwyer, who really hasn’t done much else…thank goodness. This is an Australian made film and takes place in the forests of Tasmania. A group of young adults go to the backwoods to seek out proof of the Tasmanian Tiger. I would like to tell you more of a story here about what this film was about, and I realize  I would be repeating myself from the first paragraph, that is how shallow this movie is. A lot of the horror is gratuitous violence that is not even done well. The acting isn’t much better with often times silly dialog between characters that are they basic group, hot girl who is the leader, obnoxious guy who dies the most violent death (so you don’t really care), smart brainy guy, and attractive girlfriend. Ok, you can fill in from here…you know this story and have seen it many times.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend this at all. Nothing fresh comes from this film in any category, acting, directing, story or special effects…it has all been done before and done much better. My advice, pick another movie.

Drag Me To Hell













Drag Me to Hell….no, Drag me to a mediocre horror movie, wait, that is the same thing. I Really enjoy Sam Raimi horror films like Evil Dead, and even more serious suspense films like The Gift, but Drag me to Hell just rides the fence line not really knowing what it is. It really had potential in spots, but needed to take on a more serious tone or get more campy. 


I really lost some respect for this film early on when the whole premise of a curse is put on a bank loan officer for turning down a gypsy woman who was already delinquent on a loan…TWICE. Pretty freakin lame. You mean to tell me that this woman had no other problems and life is so good, that a loan officer is the most evil person she had encountered and therefore deserved to given the curse of being Dragged to hell. 


Alison Lohman plays the loan officer, Christine Brown and her boyfriend played by Justin Long (The Mac guy in the Mac commercials) are just there. Nothing worth bragging about as far as performances. The special effects came across very cheesy, had they taken the direction of over the top campy horror, I would have chalked it up to that. One scenario seemed to be taken seriously, yet played like a scene out of Scooby Doo. Ropes and pulleys tied to an anvil, ahhh….cut rope, anvil smashes person. I know I have my anvil hanging in my garage!


As you can tell, I wasn’t real impressed with this one. Earned brownie points with the wife though by going with her. My choice next weekend. This one might be a good for an afternoon rental, if there is nothing good on the Food Network. 





Quarantine. Wow, it seems like The Blair Witch Project really started a fire storm of movies with teh documentary, camera point of view horror movies. None of which can pull it off quite as well as Blair Witch. Cloverfield and Diary of the Dead made an attempt. Quarantine really falls short. 

I am tired of seeing these movies and everyone is probably asking the same question as I do. If I were holdig a film camera and my friend is being attacked, let me think…”I think I will stand here and film.” Or better yet, my life is on the line and I choose to run, while looking back and still film. What the hell! What person in their right mind would not drop the camera and run. I would much rather se a movie just told from a persons point a view and not have to qualify it with “I am holding a camera and filming everything a fire department does, or filming a freinds bachelor party.” 

No really great performances or special effects makes this a very average movie. Watch this one if you are bored on a very late Friday night and you have popcorn and beer handy.