North by Northwest

northbynorthwestNorth By Northwest is a pure slice of of Americana, an absolute classic Hitchcock movie. For those who have yet to see this film, Roger Thornhill,  a advertising executive is mistaken for a government agent and wrongfully accused of murder. Believing it is the only way to clear his name, Roger goes on a quest to find the man he is mistaken for. In a nut shell, that is the plot line. There are many scenes that make this film a classic. The art auction is perfectly played out by Cary Grant, trying to get thrown out of the auction by bidding $5. Of course the climax of the movie all taking place on top of Mount Rushmore is well known, but one of the most recognizable and memorable scenes in cinematic history is the biplane chase scene in the field.

Thornhill is played by American icon, Cary Grant (To Catch a Thief). There is a lot of humor in Grants dialog, just listen for it. His one liners and comments on situations come across almost like Grouch Marx. “Patience is a virtue” Eve says, followed by a quick witted Thornhill reply “So is breathing.” Eve is elegantly played by Eva Marie Saint (Best Supporting Actress for On the Waterfront), and is able to stand tow to toe with an icon like Cary Grant and be perfectly believable as a love interest.

As for the villains, VanDamm is played by James Mason (Heaven Can Wait, The Verdict), who brings a little class to the  entire idea of being a villain, similar to a James Bond villain with a taste for fine wine and love for art. Yet still being rugged and ruthless enough to develop a certain amount of fear that he has the power to have someone filled, and not think twice about doing it. Also, look for Martin Landau (Best Supporting Actor Ed Wood) as Leonard, VanDamm’s main henchmen!

If you have never taken the time to see older films, this is one that you should seek out and see at least once in a lifetime. You will be glad you did. Also, if you are fan of bluray discs, I hear this will be released on bluray as a 50th Anniversary Edition on November 3 later this year. I highly recommend this film, it’s a must see!

X Files: Fight the Future

The X-Files

Although I liked both X Files movies, this one is the better of the two. I am not a huge TV watcher, and I think I have only seen one episode of X-Files on TV, so you don’t have to be a die hard fan to enjoy this film. I am sure there are things placed in there for the die hard fans, but, I wouldn’t know.

This a a very in depth plot dealing with the preservation of an alien virus and the elaborate cover up that ensues once the virus has leaked out. (Hope I didn’t describe every plot of the TV series…probably did, after all it is X Files.) Lots of fun details and very clever plot twists, any mystery fan will enjoy this one.

The performances were about what I expected, but a great job of quickly defining who the main characters are and what they are about. Again, taking into consideration viewers who may not be that familiar with the series. The conversation on the roof of the building defining Scully, and the first bar scene defining Mulder. Loved seeing Martin Landau (Best Supporting Actor Ed Wood) who is always wonderful and the great Armin Mueller-Stahl (Eastern Promises) with a small part.

This is good exciting movie making. Lots of fun with great action and suspense. I’ve watched this one over and over and never get bored with it.