Oscar moving to 10 Best Picture nominees in 2010!

side_oscarWhat crazy news I am just hearing that the 2010 Oscars will have 10 Best Picture nominees, instead of the standard 5.  To me this is Oscar’s way of just trying to broaden the fan base and create a better viewership on Oscar night.

I read some interesting articles about how the Oscar viewers have been in a decline ever since Titanic had it’s moment. A movie that everyone knew and everyone was seeing several times created more of an interest Oscar night when people had actually seen most of the films. I think in recent years, the Academy has had a trend of seeking out the Indy films and honoring performances in them. Not that those films did not deserve the attention, but most of the general public probably didn’t even know the movie existed. For example Richard Jenkins in The Visitor, Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married, Melissa Leo in Frozen River, and even the Best Picture Winner Slumdog Millionaire was an Indy film that took off.

I think the Academy is simply trying to create rating by broadening the fan base and in my opinion diluting the category of Best Picture. I think you will see some of the action blockbusters get nominations and even an animated one like UP could be in now. Realistically, will there even be 10 worthy films to nominate? They only other 3 I can think of from last year that I would put in there are, Gran Torino, Revolutionary Road and if you want to give one to the fans, throw in Dark Knight. That gets you to 8….going to be a very watered down category if you ask me. Especially after seeing what’s out there so far this year.  If they go by box office and something like Transformers 2 gets in…I am done with the Oscars.

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Avatar Trailer Shatters records!

avatar_posterLOS ANGELES, (August 23, 2009) – Twentieth Century Fox announced today that the AVATAR teaser trailer has become the most-viewed trailer ever on the popular iTunes Movies Trailer section of apple.com, which Thursday hosted the long-awaited public first look at writer-director James Cameron’s motion picture epic. The teaser registered over four million streams in its first day on the site, shattering the previous record of 1.7 million.

Counting down the days until December 18!


View the trailer at


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Directors Cuts? Are we losing films we remember?

The other night my better half and I settled in to watch one of my childhood favorites, Superman The Movie, on bluray. I will say that seeing this on bluray was like being a kid again, but all of that will be talked about when I get the review written. The Superman bluray of course is only available as the director’s cut. Which made me ask the question, “Will I ever see the cit of the movie that I was so fond of as a child?”

Some of the directors cuts of films I enjoy, and some are not so good. It is disturbing that the studios for the most part do not include both cuts of a film when you purchase a movie. Some do, such as American Gangster that I recently watched, but most don’t. Awhile back I watched Crash on bluray, and even though I couldn’t find the words director’s cut on the package, it has the same running time as the directors cut I own on regular DVD. So, the Academy Award winner for Best Picture, the cut that won the award, will never make it to bluray. I have noticed some other films out or coming out on bluray that seem to be including director’s cuts only.  Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was an enjoyable film, but I thought the director’s cut was junk and nothing more than a way for the studios to sell another version to fans getting them to “double dip.” One of my favorite movies., The Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis) is available on DVD as a directors cut only, a version which I hated, and is one of the sole reasons I have kept my trusty old laserdisc player, so I can watch the version I prefer. My guess, when it makes it to bluray, it will be as the the directors cut.

There are director’s cuts that I have preferred to the theatrical cuts, including James Cameron’s  Terminator 2 and The Abyss, both adding material that enhanced the movie for me and made it more enjoyable. However, I would still like the choice to watch a movie as I remembered seeing it in the theatre for the first time.


I would normally only write about movies I have watched and share opinions and ideas with others. But MGM has me so pissed off I have to rant and rave a little bit. I am so disappointed that the latest 2 James Bond releases on Blu ray, License to Kill and The Man with the Golden Gun, are not available in a steelbook edition. I paid premium prices to the earlier editions to get these and build a nice set of Bond steelbooks…only to have the rug yanked out from under me mid way. I hope MGM will come through and make this right for all of us that went through the extra effort to get the steelbook editions. I can’t say I won’t buy the others, because I am a huge movie fan and love the James Bond films, but I will make my voice heard at MGM. 

Here are a few links to a current petition…..please sign them and see if we can get all the Bonds in steelbook like they had originally intended!



Also feel free to write MGM and tell them how you feel.