Machete, an entire movie spawned from the spoof trailer from the Grindhouse double feature. This wasn’t as bad as a lot of the movies that are spin offs from small Saturday Night Live skits, but it was about what I expected. This is a very basic story of revenge. Machete the ex-Federale, played by Danny Trejo, is seeking revenge after his family was murdered and he was left for dead by drug kingpin Torrez, played by Steven Seagal (Above the Law, Executive Decision).

After seeing the Grindhouse double feature in the theatre, I really wanted director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) to take advantage of the campy 70s film techniques like scratches, pops, missing scenes, film going askew and things of this nature. That was non existant except for the credit sequence. Yes, the film stock hard a certain color about it giving it a nostalgic feel, but not near the fun Planet Terror was. To me the film never really took off the way Planet Terror of From Dusk Til Dawn did. The characters were a lot of fun though, with a fitting role for Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls, Georgia Rule). Robert DeNiro (Heat, Godfather  2, Taxi Driver) and Cheech Marin (Tin Cup, Up In Smoke) also have roles as well.

So, would I recommend this movie, it might be an entertaining film at home on a Saturday afternoon as a rental. Nothing special about seeing this on the bog screen.

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