The American

After seeing Piranha 3D, finally a film worth talking about. After watching the trailer for this film and having in mind The Bourne movies and one of mu favorites, James Bond, I was expecting an action movie. This film is far from it. You won’t find that kind of action here. This is a very good character driven film that is very thought-provoking in it’s mood and style. It plays out almost like an art house film.

The American is about a hitman who is wanting out of the business, and has agreed to take on one last job. George Clooney (Oceans Eleven, Syriana) does a wonderful job at underplaying this character. His character is intelligent, quiet, and paranoid about being tracked down. The story unfolds in a very low-key style that is refreshing for an agent movie. The Kudos of this film go to the cinematographer. This film presents some of the most interesting and dramatic camera shots in a long time. If you see the film, take a note of the shot of Clooney in the cafe with his back to the window, or even the car traveling in front of the mountains….really great camera work here!

The American was not at all what I expected, but none the less, still loved this film. Its ideas, thoughts and imagery were all that much more of a surprise in a film like this. If you want my recommendation, it is worth seeing for sure.

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