bond-thunderball“Look up. Look down. Look out.” Words used on the original Thunderball movie poster. Just as Goldfinger set certain things in motion, Thunderball does the same being the first big budget James Bond. Massive sets, exotic places, and a complete underwater battle truly make this one of the best James Bond films. All Bond films to follow trying to hit the high mark of Thunderball.

Sean Connery again picks up the role as James Bond. Not much to say about the performance, he IS, James Bond. Thunderball also introduces two of the more memorable Bond girls, recruiting French actress Claudine Auger to play the role of Domino and Luciana Paluzzi as the villain Fiona.

I am a very big James Bond fan, and to me, this may be the best  James Bond ever. Casino Royal with Daniel Craig is a very close second though. I would highly recommend this for an average movie watcher who just wants to see a fun spy movie with plenty of class, Bond girls, and action!