Superman The Movie

Superman - The MovieGrowing up on this movie, it is refreshing to see this one on bluray. It was almost like seeing it for the first time again. The one sad thing about the disc is that it only contains the director’s cut. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two, but I still prefer the original cut of the movie.

To me, this is the best Superman movie out there and holds true to a lot of the original ideas in the comic stories. Richard Donnor (Lethal Weapon) does a great job directing this ground breaking film. This is the film that first made you say “Wow, a man can fly.” Also, my hats off to the director for actually setting up the story and history of Superman. Many would want to jump right into the action. The history is what made Superman what he is and having that understanding makes this movie.

As far as acting, to me Christopher Reeve is, and will always be Superman. He does a good job as Superman, and an even better job playing the bumbling reporter Clark Kent. He also carries a bit of truthful humor to both roles, especially the interview scene with Lois Lane.

The other actors, well this film is full of Hollywood greats and legends. Marlon Brando (Best Actor for The Godfather), who received an astronomical amount for his 10 minutes of work. Gene Hackman (Best Actor for The French Connection) makes the perfect Lex Luthor with his sidekick Ned Beatty (Network). Other great include Glenn Ford (Midway) as Jonathan Kent, Jackie Cooper (The Little Rascals) as Perry White,  Trevor Howard, Margot Kidder and Terence Stamp. A wonderful cast that has great performances overall!

Other than Star Wars, this is the movie I remember most fondly as a kid. It is one of my favorites, and will always have a special place on my movie list. Anyone who hasn’t seen this film should do so. It is Hollywood film making and storytelling at it’s best.



Ok, I don’t think I am going to give away a spoiler or anything saying that this film has a sad ending. No big secret there. This is a film about the ill-fated plot to overthrow Hitler and seize power in the later stages of World War II. I was not really expecting too much from this film, after all it does star Tom Cruise (Top Gun, The Firm) as a German Officer. Cruise actually was better than expected. There were some other outstanding performances from Bill Nighy (Pirates of the Caribbean 2) and Tom Wilkinson (The Full Monty).

Well, what did I think of this film? I thought it was mesmerizing with the great detail and wealth of information it delivered. It is more of a political thriller than a war movie. The film really gives you the plan they resistance had laid out and what all had to happen for their mission to be a success. I thought it was a very good film and Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects) did an admirable job of directing.

After watching the film, I highly recommend taking the time to watch the 2 hour documentary. It goes back to Hitler’s rise to power and how he did it. Then gets into the politics, World War 2 and eventually his downfall. (By the way…DOWNFALL is a great movie about Hitler’s last days.) If you enjoyed the film, the documentary is a must see.

Seeing Valkyrie on bluray was a treat. The picture was great and the sound even better. This will probably end up in the several viewing pile as I can see I will pull something different out of this one every time.