Superman The Movie

Superman - The MovieGrowing up on this movie, it is refreshing to see this one on bluray. It was almost like seeing it for the first time again. The one sad thing about the disc is that it only contains the director’s cut. There isn’t a whole lot of difference between the two, but I still prefer the original cut of the movie.

To me, this is the best Superman movie out there and holds true to a lot of the original ideas in the comic stories. Richard Donnor (Lethal Weapon) does a great job directing this ground breaking film. This is the film that first made you say “Wow, a man can fly.” Also, my hats off to the director for actually setting up the story and history of Superman. Many would want to jump right into the action. The history is what made Superman what he is and having that understanding makes this movie.

As far as acting, to me Christopher Reeve is, and will always be Superman. He does a good job as Superman, and an even better job playing the bumbling reporter Clark Kent. He also carries a bit of truthful humor to both roles, especially the interview scene with Lois Lane.

The other actors, well this film is full of Hollywood greats and legends. Marlon Brando (Best Actor for The Godfather), who received an astronomical amount for his 10 minutes of work. Gene Hackman (Best Actor for The French Connection) makes the perfect Lex Luthor with his sidekick Ned Beatty (Network). Other great include Glenn Ford (Midway) as Jonathan Kent, Jackie Cooper (The Little Rascals) as Perry White,  Trevor Howard, Margot Kidder and Terence Stamp. A wonderful cast that has great performances overall!

Other than Star Wars, this is the movie I remember most fondly as a kid. It is one of my favorites, and will always have a special place on my movie list. Anyone who hasn’t seen this film should do so. It is Hollywood film making and storytelling at it’s best.

Directors Cuts? Are we losing films we remember?

The other night my better half and I settled in to watch one of my childhood favorites, Superman The Movie, on bluray. I will say that seeing this on bluray was like being a kid again, but all of that will be talked about when I get the review written. The Superman bluray of course is only available as the director’s cut. Which made me ask the question, “Will I ever see the cit of the movie that I was so fond of as a child?”

Some of the directors cuts of films I enjoy, and some are not so good. It is disturbing that the studios for the most part do not include both cuts of a film when you purchase a movie. Some do, such as American Gangster that I recently watched, but most don’t. Awhile back I watched Crash on bluray, and even though I couldn’t find the words director’s cut on the package, it has the same running time as the directors cut I own on regular DVD. So, the Academy Award winner for Best Picture, the cut that won the award, will never make it to bluray. I have noticed some other films out or coming out on bluray that seem to be including director’s cuts only. ┬áRobin Hood: Prince of Thieves was an enjoyable film, but I thought the director’s cut was junk and nothing more than a way for the studios to sell another version to fans getting them to “double dip.” One of my favorite movies., The Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis) is available on DVD as a directors cut only, a version which I hated, and is one of the sole reasons I have kept my trusty old laserdisc player, so I can watch the version I prefer. My guess, when it makes it to bluray, it will be as the the directors cut.

There are director’s cuts that I have preferred to the theatrical cuts, including James Cameron’s ┬áTerminator 2 and The Abyss, both adding material that enhanced the movie for me and made it more enjoyable. However, I would still like the choice to watch a movie as I remembered seeing it in the theatre for the first time.