Finally, AVATAR! Can’t believe that James Cameron finally has a new film out after a long wait from his last movie….that  little film called Titanic. The Director of True Lies and Aliens delivers again. The film follows an ex-marine, Jake Sully, who is wheelchair bound, to Pandora. His twin brother was recently killed and Jake has the same DNA, a necessity to take over his brothers Avatar. The Avatars are used by the marines to attempt to infiltrate the local natives, the Navi. The Navi are living directly above a large deposit of valuable minerals, and Jake’s job is to try to get the Navi to relocate in order to mine the region. Of course once Jake has infiltrated the Navi, he finds himself more a part of the Navi than he realizes.

As far as performances, to me there were no really outstanding performances. Everyone in the film was solid, but nothing that is going to stir up the Academy for an Oscar. Jake Sully is played by Sam Worthington who was in this past summers Terminator Salvation. Sigourney Weaver (Aliens, Death and the Maiden) is once again teamed up with Cameron as Dr. Grace Augustine, the local scientist and expert on the Navi culture. Giovanni Ribisi (Saving Private Ryan) plays company man Parker, and Stephen Lang (Gettysburg, Public Enemies) is the macho-over-the-top kill the natives colonel.

On to the special effects, and yes they were special! My opinion, Oscars all around for the special effects team. The entire film is visually stunning and well worth catching on the big screen. In fact it is a must to catch on the big screen, with such sweeping shots, and panoramic scenes, definitely a must! I might also mention the 3D, well worth seeing it in 3D as well. It never is distracting to the movie, it enhances the film and does not take away at all. It was nice to see this element used in this way, and not have the cheap 3D gags throughout, like a sword being pointed at you or items coming at you for no other reason than to remind you that you are watching a 3D movie.

To sum it all up, this is worth going to see for sure. It has already been nominated for Best Picture at the Golden Globes. Even though I think this is a must see on the big screen, by no means is it a fresh storyline, which I really wanted from Cameron. The movie really played out like Dances With Wolves or The Emerald Forest. And I was even reminded of other Cameron films, the Ribisi character Parker seemed like a company man right out of Aliens with the same agenda. The military ships even reminded me of the landing craft in Aliens. Ok, even the score done by James Horner was even a bit too much reminiscent of Titanic. So by no means is this film perfect in my eyes. It is jawdropping beautiful and it is something like you have never seen before. The only thing I can compare it to is seeing Star Wars for the first time as a boy in grade school. The imagination and creativity put into this film is something to see for sure!

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

DVL2LNLPra3XPO_lAfter seeing this movie, well, I wasn’t that impressed at all.  Advertising executive Benjamin Barry, played by Matthew McConaughey (A Time to Kill), in order to pitch a big diamond account, Ben has to make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Of course the woman that is chosen is Andie Anderson, played by Kate Hudson (Almost Famous), who writes the “How To” beat for Composure magazine. Her friend has recently been dumped and she happens to be writing a column on “how to loose a guy in 10 days.” All of the humor is supposed to come from Ben trying to get a girl to fall in love while she is trying to get rid of him, both not wanting to give in.

I honestly didn’t see much comedy in it at all. To me the movie became very mean spirited and wasn’t very funny, especially with the Andie character.It did have a few cute moments, but not enough to save the film for me. Andie’s friend that got dumped was not in the film enough to care that much for the payoff with that character in the end. The climax of the film on the bridge is muddled up with a very cheap throwback line to a card game they were playing earlier.

As far as acting, I am sure you have seen Matthew McConaughey’s character a minimum of 3 ties before since this seems to be the only character he can play. I did think he had a better character than Kate Hudson, not her fault though. She seemed to play her part OK, it was what she was asked to do that I didn’t like. The one character I did like was Adam Goldberg’s (Saving Private Ryan) role of Tony. I wish he had a bigger part because there was potential to lighten the mood and make the “mean spirited” things a bit funnier.

Overall this is a film with a few funny parts, but really fails for me. My advice is to skip this one. There are so many other movies with the same theme and style done so much better.