Dying Breed

adhf3dbbYou can tell it is around Halloween by the amount of horror movies I am put through by my better half.  Unfortunately Dying breed does not offer anything you haven’t seen already, and is horror movie cliché number #14. Group of teens go into woods, find backwoods locals who seem to be inbred, stalked while out camping. Sound familiar? Reminded me of Wolf Creek which was mediocre at very best or The Hills Have Eyes. Not anything new to offer.

Dying Breed was directed by Jody Dwyer, who really hasn’t done much else…thank goodness. This is an Australian made film and takes place in the forests of Tasmania. A group of young adults go to the backwoods to seek out proof of the Tasmanian Tiger. I would like to tell you more of a story here about what this film was about, and I realize  I would be repeating myself from the first paragraph, that is how shallow this movie is. A lot of the horror is gratuitous violence that is not even done well. The acting isn’t much better with often times silly dialog between characters that are they basic group, hot girl who is the leader, obnoxious guy who dies the most violent death (so you don’t really care), smart brainy guy, and attractive girlfriend. Ok, you can fill in from here…you know this story and have seen it many times.

Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend this at all. Nothing fresh comes from this film in any category, acting, directing, story or special effects…it has all been done before and done much better. My advice, pick another movie.