I would normally only write about movies I have watched and share opinions and ideas with others. But MGM has me so pissed off I have to rant and rave a little bit. I am so disappointed that the latest 2 James Bond releases on Blu ray, License to Kill and The Man with the Golden Gun, are not available in a steelbook edition. I paid premium prices to the earlier editions to get these and build a nice set of Bond steelbooks…only to have the rug yanked out from under me mid way. I hope MGM will come through and make this right for all of us that went through the extra effort to get the steelbook editions. I can’t say I won’t buy the others, because I am a huge movie fan and love the James Bond films, but I will make my voice heard at MGM. 

Here are a few links to a current petition…..please sign them and see if we can get all the Bonds in steelbook like they had originally intended!


Also feel free to write MGM and tell them how you feel.