Proof of Life

085391905226fDespite negative reviews when this film opened, I actually enjoyed watching this film. This film is about a husband and wife just moving to South America. While building a dam, Alice’s husband, Peter, played by David Morse (Contact, 16 Blocks)  is kidnapped by a local militant group. Enter the negotiator, Terry Thorne. The rest of the film in a nut shell is the negotiating with the group for Peter’s release, with a few side plots and twists here and there.

Alice, played by Meg Ryan (You’ve Got Mail, City of Angels) and Terry Thorne, played by Russel Crowe (Best Actor Gladiator) are the two main characters and through the drama, supposedly develop feelings for one another. This was the only fault in the movie for me. I never did think there was much going on between them throughout the entire movie until they parted ways at the end. It made me feel like I missed out on a big romance, and I didn’t think there was much there as far as a relationship. They either should have made more of a romance and then it would have ended up like Bridges of Madison County with the wife left to choose who to be with in the end, or they could have left out the romance completely and would have been a good political thriller on it’s own.

In all, this was a better film than what the critics made it out to be. Even though the love story falls flat for me, there is plenty of action and drama to keep me more than interested. This isn’t one that everyone should see once in their lifetime, but for fans of movies, I would recommend it.

City of Angels

City of Angels












After watching City of Angels again, the first thing that I noticed is that this movie sure could use a bluray transfer. Overall color would improve a lot, not to mention having great blacks and good contrast since one of the neat things in this film is that the angels wear black.

That said, I still enjoy this movie. Nicolas Cage (National Treasure and Best Actor for Leaving Las Vegas) plays Seth in what I would consider a stereotypical way for him, but that works just fine for this film. It even adds to the film in a thought provoking way  a she wonders “I want to know what a pear tastes like to you.” Meg Ryan (When Harry met Sally) kind of falls into her stereotypical role as well, playing similar characters in You’ve Got Mail and Kate & Leopold.

Director Brad Siberling (Land of the Lost) gives us a fresh look at angels. As mentioned dressing them in all black, and seeing them interact with humans for comfort and support. There are also a lot of nice touches of being able to hear a sunset, and hear people’s thoughts, and then trading off lack of touch and being able to feel. A special  note for an outstanding soundtrack with the likes of Alanis Moriseette, Paula Cole, Sarah McLaughlan and many others.

In all, yes, this film is what some label as a chick flick, but still a lot of interesting and intriguing concepts throughout the movie to keep anyone interested. Of course best viewed with a bottle of Semillion and Irish whisky white cheddar! Very good movie to take in and even talk about afterwards. If you haven’t seen it, do so.