Shrek: Happily Ever After

Well, just for the simple fact that there was nothing else starting this past weekend, Shrek was the movie to see. I did have some interest in the movie having loved the first two, but the third film made me skeptical about seeing this one. The basic plot for this film is that Shrek wants to be the Ogre he used to be, just for a day. Of  course signing the deal with Rumpelstiltskin, he failed to read the fine print of the contract. Shrek has to give up a day in exchange, and that days happens to alter the course of history and Shrek needs to find his way back.

As with the first two ,movies, Eddie Murphy (Beverley Hills Cop, The Golden Child) is the highlight. Donkey has some great lines and some very funny scenes, especially meeting Shrek and not knowing who he is because of the alternate reality. Mike Meyers (Wayne’s World) and Cameron Diaz (There’s Something About Mary, Vanilla Sky) are of course Shrek and Fiona and Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro) makes a return as Puss in Boots.

Of course since the film is out in 3D, we had to see that version of Shrek: Happily Ever After. The 3D effects I could really take it or leave it, really nothing spectacular. The movie to me comes in behind the first two Shrek films, but way ahead of the third which was pretty awful. It is a fun film that adults as well as kids will enjoy. Worth checking out during a matinée.



After my wife is stressed out with all of life’s dramas, she requested a movie where she wouldn’t  have to think much. Showtime is what we came up with. Not a break through comedy by any means and the formula has been used before with Rush Hour and Beverly Hills Cop and others. Oh well, this movie still has its laughs and is still fun.

Robert DeNiro one of the iconic actors in film history seems to have a new niche with the comedy roles. Playing it straight for other comedians is often funnier than the other comedians themselves. Meet the Parents and Analyze This are a couple of good examples.

William Shatner (Star Trek) was a nice surprise letting the movie make fun of him and his TJ Hooker role. Eddie Murphy was, well, Eddie Murphy and over acted a bit as far as my tastes. But hey, that is what Eddie Murphy does. This is nice, short, no brainer fun.