Bond, James Bond…Daniel Craig success!

craigRecently sent a photo of Daniel Craig to a playhouse where he is starring in “A STEADY RAIN.” The play is still in previews, and already have a return from him. Anyone that wants Daniel Craig (Casino Royal, Defiance) hope you have a success with him. Below is the address I used.

Daniel Craig c/0 A STEADY RAIN, Shoenfeld Theatre, 236 West 45th, NY, NY 10036














Taken is a great action packed espionage film. I am guessing everyone has seen the trailers or TV commercials, so it is no big secret what the plot is. Bryan Mills’ daughter is kidnapped, and he goes to rescue her…and as he puts it “I will find you. I will  kill you.” The only thing I can think of to compare this to is Casino Royale. Liam Neeson (Schindler’s List) character has the same ruthlessness and quick violent attitude as Daniel Craig as James Bond. Liam Neeson is perfectly cast in this role and delivers everything you’d expect.

Watching this on blu-ray, the picture looks great. The colors are rich and the night scenes are especially good with the blacks being…well…actually black. I really didn’t see much of a difference between the director’s cut and what I remember from the theatre, no significant scenes or anything that adds much to what was already there. I recommend this movie to anyone who likes their heroes to be human and with a bit of an edge to them. This one is worth catching for sure.