The Orphanage

The OrphanageIt seems like no one can make a scary movie these days without spraying 12 gallons of fake blood from a rubber jugular. The Orphanage is refreshing, it is a true ghost story! It is about a woman, Laura, who has come back to an old orphanage that has been closed for many years, the same orphanage she was at as a little girl. She intends to reopen it with her husband, Carlos, and their adopted son Simon. Upon arriving at the rundown house, Simon all of the sudden has many new imaginary friends to play with. They begin to play games with Simon, and it isn’t until Simon is missing that Laura discovers the truth about the orphanage.

Laura, played by Belen Rueda, really is the backbone of this movie and gives a very good performance. The photography in the film is beautiful, taking place on a rocky coast with great scenic views. I am sure hardly anyone will recognize any of the stars, but will recognize the producer, Guillermo del Toro, who directed Pan’s Labyrinth and has been announced to be directing the new Hobbit film and co-writing with Peter Jackson.

In all I would recommend this film to anyone. This is what Ghost Stories are supposed to be. The only films I can think of comparing it to are The Devils Backbone and maybe The Lady in White. If you enjoyed those, you will love this one. Be aware this film is subtitled, if that turns you off then it won’t be for you. The Orphanage is a wonderful story with great acting and lots of spooky and creepy elements to give you a good scare! This one is worth watching for sure!

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