Oscar moving to 10 Best Picture nominees in 2010!

side_oscarWhat crazy news I am just hearing that the 2010 Oscars will have 10 Best Picture nominees, instead of the standard 5.  To me this is Oscar’s way of just trying to broaden the fan base and create a better viewership on Oscar night.

I read some interesting articles about how the Oscar viewers have been in a decline ever since Titanic had it’s moment. A movie that everyone knew and everyone was seeing several times created more of an interest Oscar night when people had actually seen most of the films. I think in recent years, the Academy has had a trend of seeking out the Indy films and honoring performances in them. Not that those films did not deserve the attention, but most of the general public probably didn’t even know the movie existed. For example Richard Jenkins in The Visitor, Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married, Melissa Leo in Frozen River, and even the Best Picture Winner Slumdog Millionaire was an Indy film that took off.

I think the Academy is simply trying to create rating by broadening the fan base and in my opinion diluting the category of Best Picture. I think you will see some of the action blockbusters get nominations and even an animated one like UP could be in now. Realistically, will there even be 10 worthy films to nominate? They only other 3 I can think of from last year that I would put in there are, Gran Torino, Revolutionary Road and if you want to give one to the fans, throw in Dark Knight. That gets you to 8….going to be a very watered down category if you ask me. Especially after seeing what’s out there so far this year.  If they go by box office and something like Transformers 2 gets in…I am done with the Oscars.

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