botched-dvd-coverReading the DVD case, it compares this film to Shaun of the Dead, so I was going into this film with high hopes. Which is why it probably disappointed so much. Ritchie (Sephen Dorff) has botched a diamond robbery, and has a chance to make good on it by doing one last heist for the boss. Of course things go awry and things get strange as this film turns into a hostage/zombie flick. I think BOTCHED really tries to deliver the same style of humor as Shaun of the Dead, but just can’t seem to get most of the laughs right. The laughs for me were few and far between, and thought the plot of the movie was not very well thought out.

This film stars Stephen Dorff (Blade), who has the few highlights in the film. His plain deadpan performance works pretty good as the movie and his surroundings seem to fall apart around him, his character seems unflappable and dry.Most of his performance as well as everyone else, is well…..just forgettable. 

My advice, if you want to take a chance on this one, go for it. Everyone’s taste in humor can be so different, you might find this one really funny. Personally I found it very average in about every category. When I want laughs like Shaun of the Dead, I will just watch it again.

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