Miracle at St Anna

Miracle at St Anna

OK, I have started sentences three time here and deleted them each time, not knowing quite where to begin. So I guess I will jump right in. This movie is about the Buffalo Soldiers in WWII and follows them into Italy fighting the Germans. That is probably the most truth you will get from this movie right there.

I would say lets talk about the characters, but Spike Lee (Do the Right Thing) didn’t even develop any. In fact, was more insulting than anything. Lee, known as a “Afrocentric” director managed to throw every cliche at blacks there are, instead of honoring them and their service. There is the huge black man that has strength beyond normal, yet portrayed very dumb. There is the black man with the gold tooth, and then there are the two that are fighting over the same white Italian woman that they just encountered….all complete even with a reference to penis size! And then conveniently, the commander at headquarters is a white man, that is portrayed more like a plantation owner barking orders at his slaves than a commander in the militaryy. I don’t think Spike Lee could be any more callus or insulting. By the end of the movie, the only characters that I ended up liking were the German soldier and the German commander that offers the gun in the end. That tells you you a bit of how bad this was.

As far as the story, I am sure there are hundreds of  interesting, heartfelt, nail-biting stories that came out of the Buffalo Soldiers. Yet does Spike Lee tell one of those, no. He comes up with this crazy story of men carrying around a statue head, and a boy. I won’t spoil anything should you choose to make yourself sit through this one….but the entire idea of the movie doesn’t unfold until the last 20 minutes. It is a very heavy handed, and contrived way to drive a movie, and it does not work at all.

Spike, do yourself a favor and don’t attempt a war film again. My advice to everyone, skip it…don’t even rent it.

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  1. I agree! There are so many different ways this could have been done and this way was not one of them. Just tell us a dang story without getting all caught up in trying to make a “black” statement.

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