Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

ice-age-3-posterHaving seen the first Ice Age movie and liked it, I found myself going to Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs mainly because of the novelty of being presented in 3-D. I never did see the second Ice Age, but I don’t think I missed any key plot or story elements. After all we are talking about a sloth and a mammoth here.

This movie was about what I expected. Had it’s cute parts, but had it not been in 3-D might have lost my interest at some points during the movie. The scenes that did keep my interest the most were those hinged on the 3-D effects, the chase scenes and flying scenes at the end. With all the characters in these movies, I still find the squirrel after the nut routine to be the funniest parts of these films. I could almost watch an entire film of that, no talking, just chase scene after chase scene….almost like an extended Roadrunner vs. Wile Coyote cartoon.

Simon Peg (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) was a nice addition and had some of the funnier lines in the movie. Everything else was about what I expected. This one is a take it or leave it movie for me. My wife and I were just searching out something to see at a convenient time, and this one fit the category. Also, on an economy note…call around and see what theaters charge. We went to a matinee and slit a large coke and popcorn, and our total was $31.50! That is outrageous for a matinee. Ticket prices must have been $7 or $8 plus the glasses. I know a theater elsewhere that was $4 each plus glasses. So shop around!

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