UntraceableMuch to my surprise, this was a better movie than I expected. I am sure some of the enjoyment came from the fact that I did go in with such low expectations. Seeing the trailer initially, I was expecting a movie in the Saw 3 or Saw 4 range, a below average film. On the other hand it wasn’t ground breaking and you’ve probably seen the same movie before just with a different title and different characters. I was entertained though, which is about the only demand I put on a film. The story does have a few things that push the “stupidity zone” as far as I am concerned, you will probably notice it on bridge scene at the end.

This movie was directed by Gregory Hoblit (Harts War, Frequency) and stars Diane Lane (Unfaithful) and Colin Hanks (Orange County). None of the performances are in the outstanding range. Everyone just kind of does their job in the acting category. This movie did look great on blu ray since the film is very dark in color. In all, this is one you may choose to skip, or if you have some extra time to kill, it is by no means unwatchable.

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