Seven Pounds

Seven Pounds

To be honest the trailers for Seven Pounds did not intrigue me that much. The movie delivered about what I expected. I thought it fell in the average range. It seemed to be the same plot device over and over, and I really didn’t buy into how Will Smith (Men in Black) was going about doing what he was doing. Trying to keep from giving to

o much away…but there seemed to be some loose ends that everyone is expected to take for granted, but I guess it is still plausible.

As far as performances go, nothing to write home about….or blog about this case. If I had to pick someone that stood out in their role it might have to be Rosario Dawson (Sin City, Deathproof) who is decent in her role. Barry Pepper (Saving private Ryan) has such a small role he is a non factor, although playing Will Smith’s friend and the background they claimed to have together, would have thought he would have been more prominent.

Watching it on bluray, the movie does have a great picture to it, especially the outdoor scenes by the ocean and the ones with Will Smith and Rosario Dawson under the tree. Please judge this movie after your own viewing though. It does have some interesting ideas, but for me just wasn’t enough to get it out of the average range. I was never bored with it, but never in awe either. I am sure at some point I will give it a second look, and who knows how I will view it or read into it then.

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