City of Angels

City of Angels












After watching City of Angels again, the first thing that I noticed is that this movie sure could use a bluray transfer. Overall color would improve a lot, not to mention having great blacks and good contrast since one of the neat things in this film is that the angels wear black.

That said, I still enjoy this movie. Nicolas Cage (National Treasure and Best Actor for Leaving Las Vegas) plays Seth in what I would consider a stereotypical way for him, but that works just fine for this film. It even adds to the film in a thought provoking way  a she wonders “I want to know what a pear tastes like to you.” Meg Ryan (When Harry met Sally) kind of falls into her stereotypical role as well, playing similar characters in You’ve Got Mail and Kate & Leopold.

Director Brad Siberling (Land of the Lost) gives us a fresh look at angels. As mentioned dressing them in all black, and seeing them interact with humans for comfort and support. There are also a lot of nice touches of being able to hear a sunset, and hear people’s thoughts, and then trading off lack of touch and being able to feel. A special  note for an outstanding soundtrack with the likes of Alanis Moriseette, Paula Cole, Sarah McLaughlan and many others.

In all, yes, this film is what some label as a chick flick, but still a lot of interesting and intriguing concepts throughout the movie to keep anyone interested. Of course best viewed with a bottle of Semillion and Irish whisky white cheddar! Very good movie to take in and even talk about afterwards. If you haven’t seen it, do so.


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