Rachel Getting Married

Rachel Getting Married












Anne Hathaway (Devil Wears Prada) does give a very emotion filled performance, of course that got her an Oscar nomination for Best Actress. I didn’t realize she was capable of such a role. Playing a drug addict coming home for her sisters wedding, the tension starts right away in the family. She struggles to stay clean and be a part of the family again.

Directed by Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs), the film has a very raw down home feel. Some of the scenes go on a bit to long, such as the scene where everybody gets up and does there dedication to the couple, the toast scene at the table and even at the end of the movie once everything is wrapped up…the wedding scene goes a bit long. However, it is not to say that I really dislike them that way, in face it may be a necessary breather throughout the film since there are very intense and uncomfortable scenes throughout. And it may ad to the toast scene with everyone giving their “on par” toasts….then it is Kim’s turn and you feel for her that much more when she gives her toast.

Of course the highlight of the film is Anne Hathaway’s performance, overall this is a very good film. Probably not one to watch over and over for smiles, but for great acting and film making, this is a good film to choose to see.

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