It is hard to believe this movie is 45 years old now. James Bond, by far the longest running franchise in movie history. Goldfinger is one of my top James Bond films. In many ways, I think this one is what really jump started everything to come. This is the movie that introduced the mini adventures, nothing pertaining to the plot of the movie to come. In my opinion, this is also the film that brings the Bond villains and Bond girls to the forefront.

Gert Frobe (The Longest Day) makes a great Goldfinger, even though not speaking a word of english. All of his lines were dubbed in at a later point. Harold Sakata plays a villain with the over the top abilities similar to Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. And who can forget one of the most popular Bond girls ever, Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore.
Everyone knows the plot to this, Auric Goldfinger tries to break into Fort Knox. Seeing this on bluray was like seeing it again for the first time for me. Some purists often think you need to see the movies with the original mono soundtrack, as for myself, I love seeing older movies with the updated Dolby Digital soundtracks. As with most bluray releases, the colors are very vibrant and blacks hold up very nicely, especially in the opening sequence with Bond swimming ashore with the bird on his head.

I am a huge Bond fan, but if I were to recommend Bond movies to non Bond fans, this would be on my list as one of the ones to see. This is Bond at his best!

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