Marcia Gay-Harden and Jeff Daniels autographs

harden           jdaniels

Again, two more successes from the same playhouse! Marcia Gay-Harden winner of a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Pollock, and Jeff Daniels from The Squid and the Whale and Fly Away Home. Living in Dallas, I love how Marcia Gay-Harden signed the photo…to a fellow Texan! She currently lives in Southlake, Texas. Have tried getting Jeff Daniels several times, finally with a success!

God of Carnage, Bernard B Jacobs Theatre, 242 W. 45th St., NY, NY, 10036


  1. “God of Carnage” was a riot! Just saw it at the Jacobs last month. Loved how Marcia got her whole body involved in the emotion of it, how it escalated. A LOL must-see! Now you just need Hope Davis and James Gandolfini to complete the cast of autographs.

    • Maybe “God of Carnage” will make it to the Big Screen someday, probably the only way I’ll get to see it. I did send a photo to James Gandolfini, but no luck getting him yet. I hear he isn’t to good of signer through the mail. I wasn’t aware Hope Davis was in that, maybe I need to get a photo off in the mail to her.

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