Quarantine. Wow, it seems like The Blair Witch Project really started a fire storm of movies with teh documentary, camera point of view horror movies. None of which can pull it off quite as well as Blair Witch. Cloverfield and Diary of the Dead made an attempt. Quarantine really falls short. 

I am tired of seeing these movies and everyone is probably asking the same question as I do. If I were holdig a film camera and my friend is being attacked, let me think…”I think I will stand here and film.” Or better yet, my life is on the line and I choose to run, while looking back and still film. What the hell! What person in their right mind would not drop the camera and run. I would much rather se a movie just told from a persons point a view and not have to qualify it with “I am holding a camera and filming everything a fire department does, or filming a freinds bachelor party.” 

No really great performances or special effects makes this a very average movie. Watch this one if you are bored on a very late Friday night and you have popcorn and beer handy.

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